Advocating for your child is one of the most important things we can do as parents. I have a son with ADHD and had been attempting to work on his behalf with the school district for the last 2 years. All in all, I had been monumentally unsuccessful and was growing more frustrated by the day, with some pretty serious unresolved issues at hand. I had exhausted all my options that I knew of and no matter what I did I was not being heard. Not only was my son not getting services he needed, but he was being targeted within the school environment. I felt truly helpless. And then I met Sandra Worth, on a recommendation from another parent. What a relief! My situation changed immediately. Sandra listened patiently to all the issues that I presented her with and developed a systematic plan to successfully break down roadblocks with the school district. Her knowledge of the education system and rights of the children and families is very impressive. She is able to provide detailed guidance about who to reach out to and how to get results. Sandra’s passion for what she does is so obvious and she not back down until the parent and child are heard and results are achieved. She accomplished more with my situation in a few months than I had been able to do alone in 2 years. I was able to be calmer handling situations with the school with Sandra in my corner because I knew that she could make things happen. My only regret for me and my son is that we didn’t meet Sandra sooner. She is truly an excellent resource for families and I cannot say enough good things about what she is able to accomplish.



Wendy Arsenault, DVM, DACVIM-C

Medical Director

Southwest Florida Veterinary Specialists

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter for Ms. Sandra Worth.  Ms. Worth Is an expert in the field of autism and as such, our community has benefitted from her willingness to share her unique skill set.

Before relocating to Florida, I spent 30 years in law enforcement in Connecticut.  During that time and especially in my more recent years as an assistant chief of police, I had the opportunity to interact with various educational professionals and activists.  None have impressed me a much as Sandra Worth did.

Recently, Ms. Worth was a guest lecturer in an advanced class that I teach at our regional police academy.  Her presentation was concise, informative and most importantly, very engaging.  Her subject matter expertise is noteworthy and her ability to disseminate information is skillful.  Our class was very engaged, and her presentation was one of the highlights of this weeklong training session.

The core of the law enforcement mission is to serve our communities.  Certainly, as the diagnostic skills improve, we recognize that a significant portion of our communities have needs that should be recognized and addressed.  Officer safety is always paramount and the opportunity to provide our officers with additional education in this important field is outstanding.  Sandra Worth is able to impart this sentiment with professionalism and skill.  As a result, our citizens, including those that fall within the autism spectrum, are the recipients of skilled and caring policing.  

I hope that you find this letter helpful and I am happy to discuss Sandra Worth’s abilities personally if needed.


Best regards,

Rosemary C. Arway


Dr. Rosemary C. Arway, FBI NA#234

Adjunct Psychology Professor, Florida Southwestern State College

Asst. Chief of Police, Ret., Norwalk, CT, Retired

I have known Sandra Worth for more than 10 years. I was referred to Sandra by several
physicians and teachers who have worked directly with her and held her in high regard. Sandra
is a powerful and competent advocate, who fights for children’s rights and is extremely
successful in assisting parents with 504’s, IEP’s and other school issues. Sandra represented
my child who suffers from a rare condition and she was able to implement a plan of care that
has aided my child all the way through college.
Sandra has assisted individuals with Aspergers & High-Functioning Autism to build relationships
and has been successful in having them develop skills to be productive with employment and
independence within the community. She is recognized throughout Lee County and in several
other counties and cities for her professional demeanor and success.
We have worked together on several issues helping students, parents, teachers and members
of the community and advocated for their needs and recognition. She has been able to help me
grow and to become a stronger advocate for my child and others. Sandra has excellent ideas
and is committed and capable of handling the most difficult of situations. I have the confidence
and believe that with the passion and dedication that Sandra exhibits for others she will always
be an asset to work with. It has been a pleasure and an honor to know Sandra Worth and to
work alongside her.


/s/ Jacqueline Perez Advocate

This correspondence is intended to serve as an enthusiastic endorsement for Sandra Worth and her presentation on Autism Awareness. 

Sandra Worth presented six sessions on Autism Awareness for the South Trail Fire District. Mrs. Worth was punctual and well prepared to educate our employees with current information that will benefit our treatment and overall care in the event we are presented with a patient who is on the spectrum. Mrs. Worth was very accommodating as we needed to reschedule two sessions due to an emergency response in our fire district. Sandra was extremely knowledgeable when answering any and all questions presented to her by our employees. 

I am excited to have the opportunity to recommend Sandra Worth and her didactic presentation on Autism Awareness. 



Brad Angels 


Brian Angelson Training Lieutenant 

South Trail Fire and Rescue District